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Our mission is to increase user trust in the apps and services they use every day. People shouldn't have to be in the dark about what's happening with their personal data. We believe that complete transparency through being Openly Operated is the future, and that once people experience this level of trust and assurance, they'll never want to go back to black box apps again.


In 2017, we discovered that app stores were rife with abusive and scammy apps, and wrote an investigative piece on Medium which went viral, reaching over 500,000 people. From there, we realized that even though all of these abusive apps had privacy policies (that they copy-pasted), the policies were basically useless, because there was no way for anyone to verify what they were actually doing with user data. Even if App Store reviewers wanted to confirm whether or not the apps were abiding by their Privacy Policy, they couldn't. There was no standard, and no procedure for verifying that an app was being honest.

We thought it was ridiculous that in terms of trusting apps online with their data, everyone was basically just hoping for the best. Outside of prayer, everyone was relying on things like how professional a company's website looks, or a privacy policy, or even price — all of which can be easily faked or copied.

Since no standard existed, we set out to create one, so people would be able to reliably see which apps and services they could trust. This is how we came up with the concept of services that are Openly Operated, a transparency certification that creates trust. A year later, we proved that this concept worked by releasing the world's first Openly Operated service: Confirmed VPN.

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