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The world's first no-logs, fully audited, and Openly Operated VPN. Bulletproof your browsing and data against hackers, snoopers, and your ISP.


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"Confirmed VPN wants to bring transparency to the VPN industry"

- TechCrunch, December 12th, 2018

"Openly Operated wants to make privacy policies actually mean something"

- The Verge, June 18th, 2019

"Confirmed VPN update makes it the first open service with third-party audits, open source code, more"

- 9to5Mac, December 12th, 2018

Openly Operated

Confirmed is the only VPN that can prove we don't log or sell data to third parties.
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Hide Location & IP

Stop apps and sites you visit from selling your location data or your IP address.
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Security & Privacy

Advanced encryption keeps your data private on hotspots and insecure websites.
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Why Confirmed VPN?

  • Openly Operated: Trust Through Transparency

    • See Proof Of Our Privacy Policy
    • • Open Source & Open Infrastructure
    • • Fully Audited By Privacy Experts
  • Anonymize Through 12 Regions (More Soon)

    US West
    US East
    South Korea
  • Ridiculously Fast: Up to 300mbps Download

Other Sketchy VPNs

  • Log And Sell User Data To Third Parties

  • Inject Advertisements In Web Pages

  • Closed, Black Box Operation

  • Lie On Their Terms and Privacy Policy

  • No Audits, Partial Audits, or Incomplete Audits

How is Confirmed better than other VPNs?

In recent years, some VPN services have started selling their customers' data and browsing activity directly to marketers and other third parties, just to make a quick buck off their unsuspecting users. (If you're using a deeply discounted or free VPN, you're likely one of these users.)

Confirmed VPN doesn't log your browsing activity, nor do we do third-party sharing of your private data. And unlike other VPNs, we can prove our Privacy Policy through being Openly Operated. Every aspect of our service is 100% transparent to you, auditors, and security and privacy experts, so that you're guaranteed we stick by our strict Privacy Policy.

Commitment To Security And Privacy Audits

Confirmed VPN is fully and frequently audited, with the following verified by independent third parties:
  • • No Logging User Traffic

  • • No Access To User Data

  • • Modern Security & Encryption

View Full Audit Reports
Older, archived audits available here and here.

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  • Taxes + Fees Included

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  • 7 Day Free Trial

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